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Компания занимается проектированием жилых и общественных зданий в Украине и за рубежом с использованием ВІМ-технологий и энергоэффективных решений. Специалисты ZAAZ architects также помогают с разработкой бренд-концепций объектов и сопровождением согласований.
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Our Services

This is what our architecture studio can do for you


Concept development

  • Defining goals and objectives
  • Analysis of the plot
  • Target audience analysis
  • Marketing research


  • Preliminary design
  • Working drawings
  • Construction documentation
  • Project profile


  • Building
  • Remodelling
  • Reconstruction

Project audit

  • Verification of the developed projects
  • project liquidity increase
  • Improvement of project architecture

Interior design

  • Residential
  • Public
  • Industrial

Due Diligence

  • Plot analysis
  • Insolation analysis
  • Zoning analysis


  • Design
  • Visualization


  • Problem solving
  • Production process
  • Training

Why choose us

Our competitive advantage in the market


Building information modeling design – accelerates up to 2 times the design speed and saves money in the implementation process

Energy efficiency

By design methods we reduce your operating costs to a minimum. Certification for international standards of energy efficiency.

The winners

We are participants and finalists of many national and international competitions.

Brand concept

We design a lifestyle, not just m². We study the semantic and ideological component of the project. We are developing the concept of the brand of the object, preparing advertising materials for sales.

High liquidity

Each of our object has high liquidity and demand on real estate market.

International experience

Our specialists have accumulated experience and the best regional solutions from projects of varying complexity in countries such as Russia, Germany, Australia and Dubai and are ready to implement them in your project.


We achieve a thoughtful and convenient environment for the end user through a synergy of architecture and design. Already at the design stage, the arrangement of equipment and furniture in space has been thought through to the smallest detail.


We report through cloud technology results of our work 24 hours per day. Efficiently solve all questions.