Residential, Interior
About This Project

Apartment for sunny owners. It symbolizes the yellow rosette on the ceiling, what guests see at the doorstep. The hall displays a black wall with functional otherness  of the space behind it – sleeping area. The kitchen in the apartment – light room – the space for filling by color:  of emotions, smiles and impressions of culinary inventions. Room translates cordiality and warmth in trifles as knitted ottoman, warm carpet and open shelves. TV here – Stand for brushes. They embody the creative dreams fly that is in your hands, and TV – only instument – information. Checkpoint dressing area separates day from night, leaving all the noise and vibration on things hangers. Bedroom in pastel colors enveloping calm and ease. In children exposed bird theme, for kids – it’s the chicks that grow up and fly away into the open world. This way represent the interior details, clock symbolizes time of this path. Yellow dot will hide pollution in the area of ​​active exploitation around the table. If you will look carafully, in this corner you can see the chick.

Place: Residential complex Brooklyn, 52 Yamska street, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Gross floor area: 85 m²;

Date: 2016;

Architects: Tatiana Shevchenko, Lubomir Paschenko, Anastasiia Ushchapivska, Vlad Rojansky, Andrew Shevchenko;