Residential, Public, Industrial
About This Project

New concept will emphasize the existing historical building and create special industrial spirit in the new city block with developing synergy of work, leisure and culture.

Our proposition for Badel block redevelopment creating of thematic industrial park with functions of modern city square and appearance of industrial area. Badel block will represent unity of commercial area and social space. New square provide social functions for people who live and work near square – offices, restaurants, shops, entertainment, sport facilities and meeting.

With renovation program Badel block should become similar to other historically formed blocks with closed building method. Redevelopment program define two zones inside the block. First zone – loud public zone with entertaining center, business center and cultural center buildings which form public plaza between them. Old vinery act as a center dominant, with cultural functions – exhibition gallery, lending library and gathering space. The second one – Green zone – more quiet zone, where situated Hotel building. We noticed that green zones, which run through the city become smaller to the East, so we try to expand Bartola Kasisha park, by creating green zone at the Badel Block.New Goriza building contains cultural spaces – exhibition galleries, meeting halls and entrance to restaurant.

Public plaza in the middle of the block formed by amphitheatre curve. It visually divide plaza into promenade, event zone and two additional zones for events.

For visitors of Badel Block 3 level underground parking provided at the South-West of the quarter. Also inside the Badel block provided numeric parkings for bikes and seagways.

Place: Badel block, Zagreb, Croatia;

Date: 2012;

Architects: Shevchenko Andrew, Alexei Kuzmin, Daria Patlai, Kalenskiy Igor;