Residential, Interior
About This Project

Dwelling house at 168 Prospect road in Adelaide, South Australia. We had the task to maximize technical and economic parameters in existing plot and limited blue building line. With such a high density building it is important to capture enough emount of light. Most apartments oriented to the sunny north, and a couple – to the west and the east, because of the high density  few rooms in the heart of the building remained without natural light, so we organized a few light wells though 3 floors with landscaping at the bottom. So we let the light in the bedroom, hallway and corridor, also wells create the effect of vertical traction for passive ventilation of apartments. House should work with the context. Since the whole environment comprises  a low-rise buildings, our mission was to visually hide the size of the house, for this we have identified contrast top floor of the building to the base color ,the building is now perceived as a 3 floor with attic. To get rid of the feeling of massiveness, the second floor is separated functionally from the first by air openings to parking area, the floors are also made in different materials. All the surrounding houses was built in traditional stone materials and covered with pitched roof, so we chose a brick wall and used replica to pitched roofs. It also allowed us to effectively place a series of solar collectors facing to the west and north. As a result we got a modern house with worm traditional elements, what will become a landmark of Prospect Road.

Place: 168 Prospect road, SA 5082, Adelaide, Australia;

Gross floor area: 2426 m²;

Date: 2016;

Architects: Shevchenko Andrew, Shevchenko Tatiana, Lubomir Paschenko, Anastasiia Ushchapivska;