School of future

About This Project

We were invited to participate in a contest for one week to develop the school concept of Future in Brovary. It was a challenge we gladly accepted. The purpose of the contest was to find the form synergies advanced achievements in educational work, design, architecture, psychology, which would become a symbol of the renewed Education and Ukraine and will initiate a fundamental transformation. We conducted a study of all current practices in the field of education, surveyed students about their vision of the best school, remember our experiences in school and penetrated with this idea. After school in the traditional sense – is exclusively utilitarian stiff structure similar to a factory incubator, which stamped the consciousness of students in each matrix print, if before this model was effective, now in the information age, we should be flexible, dynamic, inventive and highadaptable to fleeting change the reality of life. This is a completely different education in human consciousness, it requires a completely different backgrounds, different ideology, different space. We offer his vision of the space for learning.

Place: Simonenka street, Brovari, Kyiv district, Ukraine;

Date: 2016;

Architects: Shevchenko Tatiana, Shevchenko Andrew, Anastasiia Ushchapivska;