About This Project

How many families this house can consist located on plot 8 hectare? We offer a fundamentally new qualitative row housing where every family – a part of the whole, not the disparate elements that unite by the power to the group. In one such house can accommodate full 3 family, a combination of volumes and its intersection provides different types of space within that distinguish one from other apartments and satisfy the tastes of different groups of customers, offering a different experience perception of the environment. Each dwelling is equipped with 3 bedrooms, study, 3 bathrooms, dressing room, studio containing a kitchen, dining room and living room. Studio combined with an inner courtyard. Also provided for each family indoor garage and one guest space for cars. Invest wisely in the plot.


Place: 28 First Ave Klemzig , SA 5087, Adelaide, Australia;

Gross floor area: 575m²;

Date: 2016;

Architects: Shevchenko Andrew, Anastasiia Ushchapivska, Shevchenko Tatiana;

Visualizatoin: Anastasiia Ushchapivska;