About This Project

This commission – an example of organic development from small-scale ideas to great concept. The task was to design a lookout on the outskirts of Adelaide on a free flat area, at the begining of McElligott’s Quarry Reserve, designated for picnics and recreation of townspeople. Almost untouched natural environment with rocky ravines inspired us to create organic and elastic in character design – observation deck turned into a complete organism that settled on the plateau of the mountain. The experience of being here and we turned into story tale, movement starts from visitors parking and goes the existing series of hanging over the abyss lookout oriented to the panorama of the city and the mountains, the scale of lookouts is increased according to the movement of visitors. In the middle of the route the visitors have the choice to go for the biggest console viewing platform, focused on the mountain landscape, platform go circle in the trees and ended in a lower level seating area with hanging swings, where you can see entire city or go to the culminating loop – the highest point where opens perspective on the city. The culmination supported by open amphitheater under the loop and by the stage that situated close to the stairs.

Place: “McElligott’s Quarry Reserve”, Mitcham SA 5062, Adelaide, Australia;

Date: 2016;

Architects: Anastasiia Ushchapivska, Shevchenko Tatiana, Shevchenko Andrew;