About This Project

The house on the Murray River is designed for a large family vacation away from the city bustle. At 100 km from the city of Adelaide, on the edge of a steep slope oriented to the Murray River, a house with the maximum opening to the water and a fabulous view of the boundless Australian landscape. The main goal we pursued was to blur the boundary between the inner space and the environment of the house. To do this, we maximized the glazing area and organized our own terraces in each room. The size of the terrace of the living room is striking in its size, as it will be a full-fledged space for resting a large family consisting of several generations. Honorary status of the head of the family is shown on the facade in the form of a separate bedroom unit with a rest room, a separate bathroom and a corner terrace on the 2nd floor. The classical zoning of the house is used, the first floor is given for the daytime activity of the tenants, and the second is completely bedroom. Thus, the maximum comfort and convenience of living in the house during the rest of a large family are provided.

Place: 3325 Jervois rd, Wellington SA 5259, Australia;

Gross floor area: 552 m²;

Date: 2017;

Architects: Shevchenko Andrew, Shevchenko Tatiana;

Visualizatoin: CG studio “Genius Loci”;