About This Project

The idea of ​​this project show the proper consciousness of man: a man must protect and take care of nature, to be in harmony with it, it should revolve around nature (a tree in the middle of the design), not harming, just watching – we go to the observation deck, which opens on Adelaide river and constitutes a covered illuminated area underneath. And nature itself tells us about its significance for human life – line of light is illuminating this thought. It does this casually in a generation section (helical coil), almost imperceptibly, but it is a constant issue of global importance, as unnoticed as waves in the water – steps to the pavilion are like waves on the surface of the water. But this idea is architectural and fell almost into the water River Torrens in South Australia.

Place: Elder park, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia;

Date: 2016;

Architects: Shevchenko Tatiana, Shevchenko Andrew;