Residential, Public
About This Project

Concept development 200 000 sq.m. housing area near the subway Lisova. The main motive of this proposal is industrial and loft mood that permeated the entire history of the site. Formerly an industrial quarter ceased to perform its basic function and is currently undergoing a redevelopment for housing and public function. We paid tribute to the context and history and took the main characteristic elements of industrial architecture: a brick texture, extensive stained glass with small division, the rhythm of the facade, utilitarian brevity, overblown infographic navigation, metal surfaces and heterogeneity silhouette building carved by chimneys and cooling towers. All this fit in quarterly low-rise buildings comfortable for humans (6-9 floors) with a protected pedestrian yards from the street noise, that are combined into a single unity by linear park. Monotony and economic of city block was improved by uneven point accents that allowed organically fit into the current building silhouette and give it a new meaning. Outyard spaces are framed by public institutions in the first floors of homes and shopping street along the road. With the assistance of Pechersk architectural workshop we were able to take part in the tender for the development of the concept.


Place: Lisova station, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Gross floor area: 237 993 m²;

Date: 2016;

Architects: Shevchenko Andrew, Shevchenko Tatiana;

Consultants: Degurko Gennadiy, Noskov Sergiy;

Visualisation: Shevchenko Andrew, Paschenko Lubomir;